Catholic Puppies: Lucy's Big Adventure!

Join three best friends as they go on an unforgettable adventure that leads them to the most magical of places. Faith-based and inspirational for young readers, this pup adventure is one you'll never forget.

A Message from Isabella Velasquez

Author & Illustrator of Catholic Puppies: Lucy's Big Adventure!

What Our Readers Are Saying

Lucy's Big Adventure is an impressive piece of writing from a talented young author! This book touches on sacrament preparation, living virtuously and trusting in God all while three puppy friends go on a magical adventure! Kudos to the author!



Wife, Mother, & Teacher

This was such a cute book! I love that it touched on praying in different forms, preparing for reconciliation, the saints, living a virtuous life and finding a vocation. Kids will love the story of the puppies and following their adventures. I think it will be a great example for students to see someone their age as a published author!



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About the Author

Isabella Velasquez

Isabella Velasquez is 11 years old. She loves dogs almost as much as she loves her Catholic faith and her favorite books include any story about dogs. And, after finishing every story about her favorite four-legged creatures, she was encouraged by her mother to write the first book in her Catholic Puppies series: Catholic Puppies: Lucy's Big Adventure!

Hoping to inspire young readers with a love for Jesus and His Church, Isabella's stories center on living a virtuous life, embracing love, sharing kindness, being loyal, and living the Catholic faith.

Isabella enjoys serving the Church as an altar server with her local church. She also loves goofing around with her siblings, playing sports, and spending time with friends.

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